My name is Charlie and i've been going to Teacher Joy's class for abouts 6 years I am now 15 year old. My aunt first introduced me to Teacher Joy in 2012, and i have been there ever since. At first, I didn't have any interest in art. My mum asked me to go and just try it out, and i unwillingly said ok ( just because she's my mom ). I never guessed that i would enjoy and achieve it so much.

As each week passed by, I began to develop an interest in art. Starting with just painting on paper, I was encouraged to explore further. And now I can paint on wood , canvas and try on other materials. And to my surprise, I was actually good at art!

Teacher Joy calls this my hidden talent. I like how Teacher Joy has taught so many different things. In previous art classes all I did was just follow what teacher did. But with Teacher Joy, she doesn’t limit what I do, and in fact she helps me with it. She has taught me not just about exploring different art techniques such as Drawing, Painting, Sculpting but to be think creative!

Teacher Joy also taught me the importance of art in our everyday lives. She said others "f you want to do things different from other you should think outside the box." She is a fantastic teacher, and I really really like attending her classes. I’m so lucky my aunt brought me there.

Charlie Tan

~ Student

Charlie Tan
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