My children have been going to Teacher Joy since they were young, ie. my daughter when she was 7 and my son at the age of 5. Both are in their teens now.

I must commend Teacher Joy's dedication and knowledge in art. She has fostered the love in art in my daughter, Isabelle, since that first few lessons and has diligently guided and nurtured Isabelle's passion in art throughout the years. My daughter took IGCSE Art and excelled with an A star for the subject and she also took Higher Level Art and Design in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme which she recently graduated and awaiting her results. Teacher Joy has constantly availed herself whenever Isabelle needs some guidance, even on very personal and last minute requests. She has tutored Isabelle in her portfolio and art exhibition pieces.

I cannot recommend enough the service of Teacher Joy. Her knowledge, passion and dedication that Teacher Joy exhibits for her students makes her such an endearing mentor. She is extremely patient and she allows her students to express themselves in their arts, which makes everyone an individual. Her role is merely guiding them and sharing knowledge and providing the right technique applications to her students. She is a very special teacher. Isabelle and Cameron are very lucky to have her as their art teacher.

Lynette & Alexander Lacheta

~ Parents

Isabelle Lacheta
Then & Now

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