It is delighted to have the opportunity to write this letter for Teacher Joy.

My daughter, Marjona has been attending Teacher Joy’s classes when she was 6 years old. Teacher Joy excelled and shared her love for Art with my daughter in a manner that I have never seen before. Her love for Art is contagious and she aided my daughter to believe she is an artist in her own right.

I am very hard to find a teacher with passion, drive, genuine love and caring like Teacher Joy. She always shares her artistic and life experience which is a true gift to all her students. My daughter always looks forward and feels excited to enter the Art room to experience what Teacher Joy is going to introduce in each and every single lesson. Marjona loves to do all the art projects together with Teacher Joy as she knew Teacher Joy will encourage her to work on her ideas and will be given proper guidance.

Teacher Joy has a gift working with all levels of students. I was impressed with her ability and compassion to help the challenged students and adapt lessons to meet their needs. Her intuitive and kind personality guides students to express and think critically in the Art room.

Ms Joy is an authentic, gifted educator and brings wisdom, energy and mostly enthusiasm to any Art program. My daughter, Marjona is very lucky to have her as her Art teacher.

Datin Nilufar Binti Sharof

~ Mother

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