Our programmes are about experiential learning and carried out in small groups. The programmes are specifically designed to allow every child to learn at their own pace and in subjects that interest them most.

1 ) Art Essentials / Foundation

Mastery of basic art tools, mediums and progression towards experimental media. It can be anything from paints to even feathers.

2 ) Passion Development

The fundamental of Dragonfly Art Cottage - exploration of ideas and transforming them into unique forms of art. As us motto goes, " The process behind the thinking - Explore, Express, Enhance and Execute " This may even lead to the discovery of hidden talents.

3 ) Creative Expression

Children are allowed to be expressive and experimental not just with ideas but also choices of mediums in order to explore beyond their capabilities.

4 ) Guidance

Although the children are encouraged to be experimental and expressive in their own unique way, it is essential for them to have proper guidance in order to discover their true potential and realise their artistic dreams.

We Are Offering
1 TRIAL Session for RM93.00 /
2 hours / Per Student

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